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  • Ramsay January 18, 2009
    January 18, 2009


    My 3 year old daughter is badly alleric to potatoes and potato starch! so yes you can be.

    Its in everything which is a pain as she has many other allergies aswell so egg replacement powder is out and we can only give her certain sausages etc..



    • Chloe
      February 08, 2010
      February 08, 2010

      There is a great clinic in Brisbane Australia that deals with all sorts of allergies especially like this called the "allergy elimination clinic" Try it you won't regret it i have been cured of a few allergies mostly (preservatives). Allergy ridden bodies have been trained to see certain foods and pollens etc as invaders and send out histemines which cause the allergic reaction. They use certain techniques to retrain the body to see these things as fine and good again. This clinic is amazing anyway thought I'd share my experience Thank you. xx 

    • Jaime
      June 23, 2012
      June 23, 2012

      I have been allergic to potatoes since I was about 3 or 4 I am now 34 and I still have the same reaction to them as I did when I was a kid. Just the smell alone cuts off my breathing and if I touch them I break out in hives. A couple of years ago my work bought sandwhiches for the whole building and I ate the sandwhich not knowing the bread was potatoe bread about 10 mins after eating it I starting sweating, had major stomach pain and I passed out at work and my whole body broke out in hives. It is a frustrating allergy to have since I can not go to any resturants that serve potatoes. I am now pregnant and I prey that my child does not get this allergy.

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