• Mary Mary
    June 02, 2008
    I have been on levaquin and allegra for a sinus infection. My nose and gums itch. What gives?
    Mary Mary
    June 02, 2008

    I just finished levaquin for a nasty sinus infection. I've been on medication for 7 days and finished today. My gums, nose, and back of my throat are itchy. My gums were not until about 4 days after taking the medication. Could there be a connection? They were not bothering me before.


    I do have allergies and get these infections once or twice a year. This time was particularly bad.



  • Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    June 04, 2008
    Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    June 04, 2008



    Itching of your various mucus membranes (nose, throat, roof of the mouth, etc.) IS definitely a sign of allergies. But allergies to what is difficult to say. Certainly an allergy to medicine is possible, but since you also have nasal allergies, it could also be that you are reacting to some kind of allergen in your environment presently.


    I'd call your doctor and discuss it with him/her to be most sure.


    To your health,



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