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Wednesday, July 09, 2008 Kim, Community Member, asks

Q: Does anyone else have extreme fatigue and skin sensitivity/achiness (like the flu)?

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pgreenise, Community Member
3/ 7/09 9:12pm

i have suffered these same symptoms the last three years during the early spring only.  the symptoms mimic the flu and the skin sensitivity feels like sunburn without the heat and this year is extremely annoying, particularly on my back, torso sides, and back of the arms.  i am incredibly fatigued (unreasonably so) and can barely muster enough energy to get through my day.  i am a night owl and don't usually go to bed until after midnight but lately have been calling it a day anywhere between six and nine o'clock in the evenings.

two years ago i had an mri for multiple sclerosis (the symptoms were very similar) but i can't imagine the temporary symptoms are indicative of the disease.  i can only guess it's some kind of spring allergy.  both previous years i have had the symptoms they disappeared weeks after appearing this same time of year.

Ben, Community Member
9/12/08 11:39am

I do at the moment. I have been in bed for the last few days with normal flu like symtoms such as high fever, headache, sore eyes ect and have felt too tired tired to even get up. (Not normal for someone like me who goes to the gym, plays sport and is a landscaper) The last day my headache has gotten a little better but my throat has become infected and my skin is very sensitive to touch, mainly around my back and chest. This has never happened before so I too was looking to find out if this was normal.

pmla, Community Member
10/ 3/09 3:27am

My 14 yr. old daughter has been fighting extreme fatige, flu like symtoms, sore throat, stomach/abdominal pains, constipation for about 2 weeks, now she has gotten EXTREMELY sensitive to touch all over her body(she says it hurts) and  sore neck in the past 2-3 days. she's had a general -not feeling well- attitude all this time-at first had slight fever. She's going to bed anywhere from right after school to right after dinner-and is hard to get up the next morning. We have had blood work-CT-Stool check-taken antibiotics for cold/flu/achy all over feeling-twice. We have an appointment at a Gastro-DR.-for next Tuesday-because the pediatrician couldn't find anything-the CT-only showed swollen lymph nodes in lower abdomen area and a small cyst on her left ovary. She is not sexually active. I'm at a loss and getting more nervous by the day. I wish I could give you some good news-but I'm wondering myself.

Concerned Mom, Community Member
9/19/08 10:38am

My daughter has been experiencing these exact symptoms for quite some time, accompanied by weakness in her hands (i.e., it's been harder to pick objects up).  She DOES have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it's only in one knee joint; these symptoms are all over.  She is only 20 years old and not very active (she doesn't have energy to be more active).  The skin sensitivity really grabbed my attention--that has been of longer duration, while the extreme fatigue and hand problems are relatively recent.  I would appreciate any additional information.

RJ, Community Member
11/16/08 11:04am

My wife does.  Even rubbing her back or arms is painful for her.  It seems to be more prevalent when there are overcast skies or storms approaching so I wonder if it is related to barometric pressure.  She gets tired and very sensitive to touch, sore and achy all over.  Does this sound like anything you are experiencing?

Andrew, Community Member
2/10/13 10:55pm

I know this is a 4 year old post but I am going nuts trying to solve this issue.

Like one of the other posters, my symptoms mimic the flu and the skin sensitivity feels like sunburn without the heat, particularly on my back, arms and legs.  
My kids and wife have to ask whether they are allowed to touch me. It is the light touch which is the most painful.
I am fatigued and just plod around during the day. I also get puffed out easily. I tried exercising and just don't have the energy.

Symptoms come and go over the last few years. They have been pretty constant for about a month now.
It maybe due to lack of sleep/stress levels/alcohol/food allergy? I'm not sure about it being seasonal.
Epsom Salt bath gives temporary relief. Also, when oxytocin levels are high, I get temporary relief as well.
I have had full blood/urine tests. I have a defect on the MTHFR gene like about 50% of the population, and was also very high in Cadmium levels.

Looking for answers, Community Member
2/27/13 2:01am

I have had this off and on since childhood, however, after the birth of my son the symptoms have multiplied greatly. skin sensitivity like a sunburn but more painful. begins on an area of my body then slowly spreads to new areas. i feel nauseated along with fatigue and a little achey. tend toward migranes as well. it happens about once every 2 months and lasts anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for me. i have had some luck with relief from the homeopathic remedy Lachesis though the last 2 times it has not helped. i have found some temporary relief in heating pads and excederan migrane. This is very frusterating. iyMgv zs have been told casuallys that it is everything from restless leg, ms, & fibromialgia .non of which actually check out.  

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