• karien karien
    December 15, 2008
    Are these symptoms of a mushroom allergy?
    karien karien
    December 15, 2008

    I have been having these symptoms for about three years. Before that I was fine. Even mushroom soup powder makes me sick.

    My gastrointestinal symptoms include severe burning and colicky pain, mostly in the upper abdomen and left quadrant about 30 minuters after eating mushrooms and sometimes other foods like red wine or coffee.  I also experience bloating and vomiting.


    I'm 26, active, and healthy, with no other medical conditions.


    I was diagnosed with IBS as a teenager. That is under control, and I now have normal bowel habits. It's just like my colon is very sensitive to stress and certain food.


    I have had scopes (gastric, colo, sigmoid); all they showed was chronic gastritis.


    Nothing seems to help for the pian, not analgesia, PPI's, or hyoscine.


    I'm not sure if it is IBS, food intolerence, or allergy. 


    Please help!





  • Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    December 23, 2008
    Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    December 23, 2008

    Hi Karlen,


    Only a doctor can diagnose you for sure, but the symptoms you describe sound a lot like a food intolerance, and it sounds as though you have narrowed down the possible culprit to mushrooms. The best treatment for food intolerances is to avoid the offending food, so if that is the root of your problem, you will likely feel better if you can avoid eating mushrooms in any form. The same goes for red wine if that is producing the same symptoms.


    One way doctors figure out food allergies and food intolerances is to elminate them from the diet to see if that also eliminates the symptoms. You can test that on your own and see what happens.


    Good luck to you and be sure to talk with your doctor about this issue, OK?


    Happy Holidays,



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