• rmarrie rmarrie
    July 27, 2009
    Does cooking with bottled oyster sauce cause Allergic reaction?
    rmarrie rmarrie
    July 27, 2009

    I'm allergic to shellfish and want to make some chinese beef dishes..If I use a store baught Oyster sauce, will i get an allergic reaction? What are some ingredients i need to look for?..I'm currently allergic to Shellfish



  • Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    August 01, 2009
    Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    August 01, 2009

    If you are sensitive to shellfish, then any contact with it... whether by eating it or by breathing in airborne fumes/dust from it... can potentially cause an allergic reaction that could be severe. So I would urge extreme caution in using the oyster sauce. Cooking while wearing a HEPA-filter equipped mask might help prevent a reaction.


    Talk with your allergist if you really want to be sure you're not doing anything that may be harmful.


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