• bethy125 bethy125
    October 08, 2008
    is there an asthma inhaler that is generic anymore?
    bethy125 bethy125
    October 08, 2008

    My daughter and I have used Albuterol generic inhalers.  My insurance covers generics at a very low cost.  I had our inhalers refilled recently and was shocked at the huge price of the now name brand inhaler.  The pharmacist couldn't tell me if there is another medication that is available that is generic.  I can't afford to pay the price of a name brand medication.



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  • The same thing has happened to me, United Health bought out Sierra here in Nevada.

    I was always able to get my Albuterol inhaler for the generic co-pay of $7, now United will not cover this for the low co-pay, it will cost me $33 apiece(I use two a month).

    There is no generic inhalers, the drug companies lobbied the FDA.ect. not to approve a generic inhaler, even through they have been proven safe. These drug companies have alot of money to spread around Washington to get what they want.  I called Walmart to see if they had any inhalers on their $10 program and they don't, they do have the solution for my SVN machine.  Everyone worries about people in other countries have medication, wish someone cared if American's had what they need to stay alive.

    I can not afford $66 a month for one medication and can't breath without it.

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