• Tanuja Tanuja
    June 25, 2009
    My 10 month old baby has red spotty rashes over her entire body including face.Wat cud be the prob ?
    Tanuja Tanuja
    June 25, 2009

    Food given were normal...There was no change in diet.We stay in Bangalore...Initially doctor said it can be due to some pollen allergy..So we gave her Phenergan...After few days we came to Kerala...But still the rashes have not gone..Only Betnesol had gud effect on reducing rashes.But once the medicinal effect goes down the rashes appears once again.We consulted some doctor at kerala..They suggested of giving Xyzal...But stil the same...We even did Blood test...But all results were normal. Please suggest wat cud be the reason for the rashes...



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  • Boofi June 27, 2009
    June 27, 2009


         Rashes on infants are very common and, as you've proven, not necessarily induced by changes in diet; however, you could consider the baby's environmental changes. Is it safe to assume that you travel often with your baby? The climate in Bangalore may be generally different than in Kerala, so maybe changing temperatures or humidity contributed to the skin reaction.  The constant shift in climate could be triggering the allergy, which is why I ask if travel is constant. If that's the case, it might be heat rash: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/baby-rashes/FL00090&slide=5


    It could also be eczema, which looks alot more like what you've described:



    Another possibility is contact dermatitis which is basically skin inflammation after coming into contact with a new detergent, perfume, or fabric the infant might be allergic to. Perhaps the reoccurance of the rashes is due to something your child's skin regularly produces, such as sweat. Most of these conditions are treated with whatever antibiotics or topical ointments your doctor will prescribe, so I really hope that they figure out what it is exactly. I hope this information has helped you out at least a smidge :) Best of luck.

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