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Monday, May 12, 2008 CarrolG, Community Member, asks

Q: Does anybody know of anything that provides any relief from cottonwood allergies?

I haven't been diagnosed, but I have a really good idea that I'm allergic to cottonwood trees. (in the spring, early summer, when they pollinate).  Never had symptoms until about three years ago while living on the river next to three huge cottonwoods in the back yard.  We have since moved, but still live in a heavily treed area and have noticed that once I see the little bits of cotton floating, my eyes begin to itch so badly, I could claw my eyeballs out!  I also have a little itchiness in my throat that radiates up to the back of my ear canal.   I am hoping perhaps there is good remedy that doesn't involve taking anything prescription or if it's OTC, that won't make me drowsy...  Any advice?

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5/15/08 2:48pm

Hi Carrol,


When you have a new health problem, it's always best to consult with your doctor for a valid diagnosis. However, having said that, there are effective OTC antihistamines that do not cause drowsiness, including Claritin and Zyrtec.


Another option is to try a nasal rinse, such as the NetiPot. The idea is using saline (salt water) to rinse out your nasal passages of allergens and mucus, thereby relieving symptoms. Many people get great results from this.


And, finally, avoid what you believe to be your triggers (cottonwood pollen) as much as you can. Stay indoors in the early morning hours, especially on dry, windy, warm days, when pollen counts tend to be highest. Use air conditioning at home and in the car as much as you can. Don't hang clothes outside to dry and if you must be outside when pollen counts are high, then shower when you come in to get rid of pollen.


To your health,


CottonwoodSneezer, Community Member
6/10/08 1:44pm

I am alergic to them too, but I have never used any perscrition or high powered medication for them.  I usually use Tylenol fast acting Allergy Relief, and it works fine. 

A, Community Member
8/ 4/08 7:32pm

have you tried Nettle Leaf? either tincture or capsules?

colchie, Community Member
9/ 3/08 3:06am

Just read a piece on cottonwood allergy from whatcom county.  It said that when the cottonwood fluff is flying, and people become allergic, what they're really allergic to is invisible grass pollen which peaks at the same time, and not the cottonwood fluff. Cottonwood pollen is produced much earlier, long before the fluff starts flying.  I start sneezing like crazy, too, when the cottonwoods start flying, and always thought that was my allergy.  I take cetirizine (generic zyrtec) and it works, doesn't make me sleepy

Michael R. Cole, Community Member
4/25/09 1:03am

The cotton fluff from the cottonwood trees is the seed and not the pollen. Cottonwood pollen is one of the things in the air right now here in Central Ohio. Cottonwood pollen is in the air and then gone long before the cotton fluff comes out. You are allergic to some other pollen or to one of the molds that breeds later in the spring.

Dora, Community Member
6/22/10 8:38pm

I too am suffering from "the cottonwood" allergy here in Squamish, B.C.  I went to our local Farmers Market and got some Bee Gathered Pollen and honey pollinated by local bees from local trees.  Some 2 million or so bees.  Right before bed I take one tsp.of the honey and mix in one quarter tsp.of the bee pollen to make a paste, you can add a little cinnamon if you like.  Taken right before bed it enters your bloodstream quickly and also allows for a better night's sleep as well.  Seems to have kicked in since my eyes don't get as teary and feel like something is stabbing them and my cough due to itching has subsided as well.

I prefer to go the homeopathic route when I can especially if it works.  It's necessary to get it from your own "local bees"  like giving the allergen to relieve the allergen, good luck.

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