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Thursday, April 17, 2008 kkt56, Community Member, asks

Q: Whenever I eat certain foods, I get an itchy throat and itchy lips. How do I make it go away?

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Vicki M, Health Guide
4/20/08 8:29pm

Hi kkt56,


Online resources are great sources of information to prepare you to ask questions of your doctor with regard to your medical care, but should not be taken in the place of your doctor's advice. In order to find out if you are experiencing an allergic reaction to the foods you are referring to, you need to see your doctor and be tested for those allergens.


If you are experiencing an allergy to those foods, the itchy throat and lips could be an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis can cause that reaction, among others,  the symptoms range from mild to severe but could cause your throat to swell and close.


Hopefully, what you are experiencing is a mild reaction and you are not looking at a serious allergy. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M

JB, Editor
4/17/08 3:19pm

Lots of people have come on the site with that same problem!


You may be experiencing something called oral allergy syndrome, which is explained in an article on this site.


Basically, if you're allergic to certain pollen, you may also be allergic to other parts of plants. Usually, that's the fruit, vegetables or nuts. It might be worse during hay fever season.


I'm not sure how to get rid of the itchy throat once it gets started, but you can try cooking the food that brings it on to prevent it from happening in the first place. Sticking it in the microwave for a short time might help too.


To find out just what your specific problemn is, you should ask your doctor directly, explaining exactly what your symptoms are and what food you ate to bring them on.

Sunny, Community Member
5/20/08 4:16pm

Our bodies, despite our disagreement with their decisions, have a personal way of letting us know something we have consumed just isn't for us.


While making subtle changes to the food by microwaving (strongly discouraged for use on anything) and wearing your body down, perhaps in a more subtle way, you should find something you like as well and quit eating what ever these items are which cause this reaction.  Your body is telling you it doesn't want it, like it or need it.

w7tlf, Community Member
6/10/08 3:41pm

Don't eat that food because you could have a real bad allergy situation.  Sometime your throat could swell and you would be unable to swallow or breathe.  Please don not eat what ever it is - it could be a fatal situation

nanny, Community Member
7/31/08 10:45am
if you ate something like say an apple w/o rincing it . it could have the pollen on it from some airborne thing your body objects to. so in addition to trying to never eat that item again you can buy over the counter glyoxide drops they are probly near the toothpastes and mouthwashes but the bottle is so small like eye drops . as i recall the relief is instant and you could keep it in your purse . it needs no water just swishes around like 3 drops dose the trick . read the box to be sure , as i recall it tries to heal your toung or gums or whatever but not sure if you need to spit it out or if it was o.k. to swallow. hope that helps, love and aloha, nanny Reply
Sue Ing-Simmons, Community Member
3/30/09 4:46am

Don't eat the foods that cause the problem!  Usually the reaction is pretty immediate so it's quite easy to work out what it is and avoid it. Have you tried taking an antihistamine - might get rid of the immediate symptoms! Good luck.

japink, Community Member
10/ 7/09 12:45pm

I have the same problem! Raw nuts, large amounts of lettuce (like a salad) raw carrots, avocado, melons, pears that are firm,bananas, kiwi, and flour along with others all cause my throat and lips to itch and the gums around my teeth to swell. I am trying to eat healthy and it seems if I eliminate these there will be very little left to eat. I don't want to take benedryl because I get too sleepy to function. Good luck in finding a cure, I know how pesky this reaction can be.


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