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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Mary, Community Member, asks

Q: Swelling of face due to sun/heat reaction

I have a condition that began when we moved to a warmer climate. If exposed to the sun or heat my neck developes whelts that almost turn purple. My face will swell, turn very red and itch intensly. It almost looks like a sunburn even if I haven't been in the sun.This also happens during excercise if I get hot. It takes about a week for it to totally go away. My forehead and eyelids are peeling. I have been taking antihistimines and have had my doctor go over the other meds that I have been taking. His only answer is to not go in the sun/heat. This is really frustrating as I love to be outside. Any suggestions? Will boosting my immune system help? Please reply. Thank you, Mary

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2/27/10 6:43pm

Hi Mary... Sounds like you're having a frustrating time. I suggest you get a second opinion from an allergy specialist, who may be able to prescribe something to reduce your sensitivity or discuss your options for controlling the reaction. I'm sure there's an answer that a specialist can help you find!




Mary, Community Member
3/ 4/10 9:44pm

I saw the allergist on Tues. He has ordered some blood work. I had done alot of research on the internet that I brought with me to the appointment. There is something called angioedema. It usually is hereditary. (My sister has a similar reaction but in her ankles.) It has to do with a C1 inibitor. They can test for that. He said we might not learn anything new with the test results but it's worth a try.

Yes, it is frustrating and it really is hampering my life style. My hope is that they will find SOMETHING and do something about it so that I can be outside without the results.

3/ 4/10 11:23pm

Good luck, Mary! Hope it works out for you!


Take care,


cptm, Community Member
3/ 4/10 9:13pm

DID you have the same problem before you went to Hawaii when you were on the sun? or just started there?  I saw a similar case on the tv program mistirious diagnosis.

feliziris, Community Member
7/ 3/10 9:57pm



After being in the sun my face swells up. This started around 4 years ago. The first time I looked Chinese, when I smiled or laughed you could barely see my eyes. My face for weeks after is itchy, dry and the skin peels, its bad.


It is called Solar Urticaria, Urticaria mean "hives". It is relieved according to my doctor by taking Allegra active ingredient Fexofenadine. It in now July 3rd and I have been setting up my pool, I will found out tomorrow if my face will be swollen...I forgot my hat. I usually wear a hat which is UV rated, quite an attractive looking hat. There is a website "search UV hats" for sun.


I believe there is an OTC allegra-fexofenadine, which I might be looking for tomorrow, if I wake up swollen. Good Luck


sunnny, Community Member
6/ 4/12 6:45pm

I have been experiences a prickly sensation which is unberable I feel like crying and yet the worst is yet to come my eye cannot tolerate the sun and I have to close them for a few seconds while walking then my eyes and cheeks puff up then my lips follow siut bur it also blisters I look and feel awful even emergency visits cannot help


Anand Arya, Community Member
11/21/13 3:02pm

Did Allegra help you, did the swelling not appear

Mary, Community Member
7/ 4/10 12:39pm

I went to a dermatologist who suggested I take vitamin B12 sublingually. I take a liquid B complex I get at Walgreens.  Also suggested I get off Lipitor for the summer and see what happens. So far I haven't had any sun reactions. However, I haven't really "tempted fate" by being in the sun for long term, like playing golf. I am going out for 10 min. at a time several times a day. Hopefully I can build up a resistance.

Elsye, Community Member
7/15/10 6:25am

Hi everybody!

I also have the same condition. everytime I go playing under the sun, my skin will feel so itchy afterwards. Last time during orientation game at my school, my arms were swollen badly, although I was wearing a long sleeve shirt (purposely, because I really want to play!)

I went to a doctor and he commented that I'm allergic to UV light. That's all. But according to my observation, I won't feel anything if I bathed under the morning sun.

Moreover, last time at the beach, afraid that my allergic will come again, I use sun-block with SPF 15. However, it was just nice that the sky was cloudy. really cloudy. and it rained. so I wasn't exposed to the sun AT ALL. However, when I come back home, my face and arms were warm and swollen. after that it felt itchy and weird bubbles of water appeared on my face. it was so excruciating I felt like crying. Not only that, the next day I need to attend my cousin's wedding! So I went there with such an embarassing complexity. I really wish this allergy would recover.

Do I need to take certain medicine?

Or what kind of sun block will be useful for me? Any idea?

Thx 



Mary, Community Member
7/15/10 9:17am

Try the B complex sublingually 2x a day.(under the tongue) Walgreens. Are you on Lipitor or any other statin? Get off of it for the summer. so far it's helping me.

Neda, Community Member
9/20/10 4:48am

OMG I have the same thing... My face swells up like a balloon and red blisters all over, i hate it its the worst feeling evvvver!!! Im going to the bahama's in 2 wks im trying to find if there is something i can do to make sure it doesnt happen on the trip. With all my research i now know the cause. It is VACCINES!!! This all started after my tetnus shot that i had to take before going to school. It was also my doctor who helped me realize this. He told me i must have mercury and toxins in me! Im going to try and search a detox to clean this out of my body and see if it helps.

Mary, Community Member
9/20/10 1:24pm

Let me know if you find a detox product for this. Thanks!

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