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Sunday, April 27, 2008 Nicole van der Oord, Community Member, asks

Q: 3 year old with small bumps on legs and wrists, itchy and rashy face and ears also itchy

bumps look like bug bites, up to six on each leg, have been scratched and forming a scab. itchy face and ears for over a week. due to scrtaching at night, ears are red and a few small scabs have formed. Also a cough at night for almost two weeks, for two days a runny nose and eyes with a cough through the day, we believe this is not related to small bumps, but perhaps seasonal allergies. My son has itchy skin the past that has gone away, but this looks different. we are concerned about perhaps bugs in the sand box at school, it is outdoors and it could also have an additive that he might be allergic to. Please help with any thoughts 

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JB, Editor
4/28/08 5:54pm

Slapped Face Syndrome is also called Fifth Disease. According to the National Library of Medicine, the symptoms can include a mild fever, cold symptoms and a red rash on the cheeks, arms, legs and trunk. Adults who get it might also have joint pain and swelling. Like kylesmom said, it usually isn't treated because it goes away on its own. The really good news is, most people who get it once become immune to it!


But the itchy scabs might be caused by something else.


In cases like this, your best bet is to make an appointment with your pediatrician right away. No one can tell you online what might be wrong with your child, so you'll need your doctor to know for sure. Ask about Fifth Disease and see if it may be the issue.


If you or your doctor suspects allergies, there are several tests that the doctor may run to see if that's the case. It's not easy to test for allergies. Click this link to find a lot of useful information about allergy testing.


Good luck!

kylesmom, Community Member
4/28/08 9:02am

My 3 year old recently experienced similar symptoms, small bumps on arms mostly the back of his upper arm.  The same on his thighs and the back of his calfs.  He alaso had ...it wasnt so much a rash than it was like a blotchyness that would get real bright red at times on his face and ears.  It didnt seem to bother him much sometimes @ night he would whine about it.  Anyway, it was diagnosed as "slapped face syndrome"  it is aparently some type of virus he got from pre-school.  They did not give him anything to treat it, they said it just had to run its course.  Its been about 3 weeks now and it is gone.  Hope this helps!!

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