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Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Coughing still, Community Member, asks

Q: Is an allergy causing my dry tickly cough?

I have had a dry tickly cough for over 3 years and have had a chest Xray which is clear. My GP says I have asthma but I do not wheeze or get out of breath and cough when I take inhalers. I have an intermittent tickle in my throat which causes me to cough. We have excluded reflex and nasal drip. I find that avoidance of cow dairy helps a lot and I will cough if I drink cows milk, butter or milk chocolate. I use goats milk instead which. My GP does not accept that this has any affect. Strong smells, smoke and dust set me off too. How can I find out if I have an allergy of some kind causig this cough?

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Barbara, Community Member
1/29/11 1:04am

I have a dry tickly cough also post allergy/ies exacerbated by smells, smoking occasionally, emotional upset. It is an intense itch & i have to cough. Having some water helps & will stop it too. I do not have asthma or wheeze either or am short of breath. I do have some nasal drip or catarrh & some sinus trouble. My allergies are to mainly grasses. I have to be careful of food additives & alcohol too. I am going to have a chest/lung xray soon. I hope it is nothing more series than some weakness that has developed there in the upper respiratory area (but don't really know or understand the anatomy of the area) since several persistent infections including bronchitis over the past 2-3 years including severe emotional upsets. Sometimes the cough seemingly comes 'out of the blue' but i think then again is caused by some external factor. I am hoping there is a way to shift it or release for good. Any ideas/comments/feedback/contributions to this condition? Thanks, Barbara

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