• Ladyshiflet Ladyshiflet
    June 08, 2014
    What is good to take for a sore throat, cough, and itchy ears?
    Ladyshiflet Ladyshiflet
    June 08, 2014

    What's the best thing to take for sore throat, cough, itchy ears? My glands are not swollen, and I have no fever. I just have an aggravating sore throat that won't leave. I believe it's viral; my daughter had it first. 



  • James Leary
    August 07, 2014
    James Leary
    August 07, 2014



    Are you still experiencing symptoms?  If you are, I would recommend seeing a doctor as soon as possible.  I am not a physician and can't diagnose you, but those symptoms are often signs of a cold.  You mention that you think it is viral, and with most illnesses of that type, you would do good to look for over-the-counter medications that help you manage the symptoms.  You also say your daughter had the virus first.  How did you know it was a virus?  Did she visit the doctor?  What was she prescribed?  Another possibility is that it amy be an allergic reaction.


    If you found some relief, please consider returning to the community to let us know what you've learned.  I'm sure it could help someone else!


    Best of luck,



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  • waryabros2000 July 16, 2014
    July 16, 2014

    Hi ladyshiflet


    Long before people invented prescribed drugs people used to use the plants and animals around them to cure them selves and I believe that these methods are better than any prescription. 


    A method still used today by many people around the world is advised by the prophet of the Muslims mohamed. He said that if you eat honey once every morning you will not only get rid of sore throat and coughs but it will also reduce the time it takes to fight against small illness such as the cold. ( 100% natural honey is encouraged)


    Other not so useful methods include burning parts of your body (Africa) and making yourself bleed from your nose (turkey/Asia)


    Hope you get well soon and stay safe ;)

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