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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 bug987, Community Member, asks

Q: My 6 year old daughter has allergies and asthma

that causes her to get a post nasal drip that causes a bad cough.  She takes zyrtec and albuterol on a daily basis.  But it doesn't seem to help.

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italiangm, Community Member
7/10/11 8:32pm

Has your daughter been evaluated by an immunologist to see what exactly might be triggering her allergic response?


I did skin testing and found I was severely allergic to cats, and moderately allergic to cedar and mold.


I decided to give allergy injections a try.  After completing the first year of treatment, my sick days at work due to allergies dropped from 15 days to 4 days. 


Might be worth a try if nothing else works.

Arterio, Community Member
1/ 4/10 12:29am

We have the same condition with our six year-old boy and would appreciate anyones insight.  He takes Zyrtec and Albuterol.  We know he has a dust mite allergy and have removed all rugs and materials that harbor dust mites. Still, he coughs and snuffles.  

bug987, Community Member
1/ 5/10 1:20pm

I started giving my daughter sinus rinses that seems to help alot.  Try using Neil MD brand.

Richard Lewis, Community Member
1/15/11 8:34pm

I had allergies myself.I was told to see a chiropractor and the last fourteen years I have been allergy free. My wife and I don't see regular doctors anymore. We are healthier now than twenty years ago.    he also fixed my back problem that doctors wanted to do surgury on

Citizen Advocate, Community Member
12/ 3/10 9:43pm

You might want to do your own research on the content of vaccines given to her. Dt. Carley in North Carolina helps people heal as best they can. Allegies are not normal, they come from a confused immne system. I cured myself with diet and detoxing lifestyle. Not easy, but works. Pharmaceuticals only confuse the body more. They are evil, I know this. Take the difficult path but more rewarding. Be your own doctor. Read. Ask yourself: Why? Teach yourself about the body and the immune system.

AJAY JOSHI, Community Member
12/ 8/10 11:00pm


What is Jala Neti?

Jala neti is an ancient Indian yoga technique, meaning literally "water cleansing". Jala neti, though relatively unknown to western culture, is a common practice in parts of India and other areas in south east asia, performed as routinely as using a toothbrush. It is performed daily usually the first thing in the morning with other cleansing practices. Sometimes it is done more often such as at the end of the day if you work or live in a dusty or polluted environment. When dealing with problems of congestion it can be performed up to 4 times a day and has been shown to speed up the healing process for common colds.

The Neti pot (shown left) is filled with warm water, as I mentioned before.

The spout is inserted into one nostril, the head is tilted, as shown and the warm salty water flows through one side of the nasal cavity to the other and out the other nostril.

How it works

For those who may not have much idea of the internal workings of the nasal cavities, it may seem like a stupid or even dangerous thing to pour warm salty water through ones nose. But when examined with an open mind and a simple picture of the physiological structures involved, fears and misunderstandings can be cleared up. The first line of nasal defence are the tiny hairs called "cilia" which should trap larger particles entering the nose. These cilia are usually cleansed by the act of normal breathing and by blowing the nose, but sometimes, due to a gradual build up of dirt, they can become clogged and may require washing out. The whole of the nasal passages from nose tip to throat (and beyond) are covered with a layer of mucus. This mucus is secreted from within the mucous lining, and its function is to trap smaller foreign particles and bacteria. The dirty mucus is normally blown out, snorted and coughed out or swallowed. The sinus passages are an even finer mechanism of filtering which, if infected, secrete a runny mucus to evict the germs. This is generally called sinusitis and can be a short term symptom or a chronic condition.

Kell, Community Member
12/27/10 4:01pm

My daughter has endured this same thing for many years - very frustrating for child and parent. I do agree with the Neti pot as discussed above. They have child applicators that are pretty easy to use. It is definitely allergies that is causing her issue. My daughter is allergic to everything accept for mold. Elliminating air pollutants is a must ! Also a trick that I learned, generously rub vicks vapor rub on the souls of the feet and cover with socks. It helps with the cough-it won't hurt your daughter, so you have nothing to loose just trying it. I have a super good air purifier in her room, but for the house, you should purchase at least a couple depending on size - kind of like needing more then one ac. Getting a vacuum with excellent filters helps. If you have pets-keep them away from her room. She should have dust mite and allergen covers for bed and pillows. A humidifier or evaporator (?) is helpful. Propped pillows obviously, clean bedding often and stuffed animals can be very dusty and linty! It's really hard especially for a child and the parent, but take one day at a time...just remember, it's not her fault... If she has post nasal drip for a long time, ask for even a little codeine from Doctor-you both will need rest-nobody likes to take medicine but rest will only help her immune system and you need your rest too!

sheri, Community Member
12/29/10 5:16pm

I loved these answers, but I would add a little more. Get rid of as many fragrance producers as possible--candles, air fresherners, perfumes, scented toiletries and scented cleaners of all types. Air out clothes from the cleaners. Use as many natural cleaners as possible--vinegar, baking soda, lemon and salt. (natural smells are not harmful like the other scents are. In fact, cider vinegar fumes can have a healing effect to the respiratory system.) Eat some raw vegetables every day and take some natural vitamins, especially C and D. The only nasal "medicine" I now use is Simply Saline Allergy strength during pollen season. These other solutions have made a world of difference for me.

Granny, Community Member
12/30/10 5:54am

I used to have post nasal drip too, until I started taking Vitamin D3 every day.  In three years I haven't had the drip or my usual Fall or Spring flu.  I was surprised that I even had a cold (once) after 3 years of using the Vitamin D3.  Try it, I use Solgar brand.  You might want to read up more about it, maybe on the website of Dr. Mercola.  I get very informative newsletters from them--it's free.

melody, Community Member
1/15/11 9:42pm

my 13 year old son has asthma and allergies. he also gets coughing induced asthma form post nasal drip.  Finally found a ped doctor that has him on  flovent inhailer everyday with a nasal spray called veramist. He also takes zyrtec and a multi vitamin and we finally are able to become back to normal... no nasal drip, no coughing, no asthma attacks... please try this...

gdz4him, Community Member
1/20/11 12:32am

Hi,  I hope your daughter is better, maybe you already found a solution to this problem. I'm having the same symptoms now, I think my blood pressure med has something to do with it too, but mainly it was the cedar that was high last week. Please, keep her away from people who smoke, strong odors like Pine Sol, Chlorine, also those softening towels for the dryer, etc.But what I would like to let you all know is that a cousin of mine has asthma when he was a child, and my uncle told me that he was cured with homeopathic remedies, it was something like Tartaric Acid at the 6th potency, or so. And he couldn't eat cheese (and maybe milk?) while taking this. You might want to try to get some more info on that. My cousin never had asthma again,, although that kind of medicine acts slowly, with him it definitely worked. 

gdz4him, Community Member
1/20/11 11:26pm

I sincerely apologize about mentioning tartaric acid, yesterdaySurprised. Sorry I had a strong headache when I was sending my answer, I haven't slept well for almost 2 weeks, due to my allergies. (still feeling so sick). I was really worried that I gave the wrong information, but I realized it until I had already logged out and started thinking.  THE CORRECT NAME SHOULD BE ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM  5th or 6th Potency, not very sure about that, but it is a homeopathic remedy and if you decide to see that type of doctor, you'll find out what is correct. Sorry, againFoot in mouth 

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