• blondemamba blondemamba
    September 02, 2009
    Hot sauce allergy? (ground chili pepper)?
    blondemamba blondemamba
    September 02, 2009

    Tonight I made pizza with a few drops of hot sauce, and suddenley, after taking a few bites, a small part of my bottom lip had swollen up and the skin was raised in blotches on the back of my thigh! I immediately jumped into the bath and hosed myself down with cold water. I have ezcema and mild ashthma....  but I've never had swollen lips from either of them! I put steriod cream on the back of my thigh, as that's all I could think of to do, then found and took one cetirizine tablet (from a pack that I bought for my occasional hayfever) An hour later and my swollen lip and back of thigh have gone down almost completely. So strange,.. I very very rarely have hot sauce, and I've had it twice in the past 5 days... could it be that my body has progressed to an allergic reaction????



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  • Blonde_Pom October 29, 2009
    October 29, 2009

    i have had an issue with coming up in welts/hives for the past 4 years, ive been to the doctors, seen allergy specialists but no one could understand what was happening to me. I have since been doing my own investigations and have realised that everytime i have a hot food with chillies in it i come out in the blotches. they are really raised, hot to touch and itchy! i havent had anything with chilli in it now for a week and hav not come up in anything, it will ne interesting to see if this has been the cause for all this time! because i LOVE hot food! keep me posted on your allergies. thanks.

  • HAPPYMOM_587 September 29, 2009
    September 29, 2009

    wow....i thought this was only me!


    i've been a huge fan of hot, VERY HOTTongue out, foods/sauces but in the past year have had issues.  i too have had the problem with my lower lip, only, swollen up, turning red and getting very itchy.  i've put hot compresses on it and then some over the counter cortizone.  it's nasty.   i had a severe episode last night.  i ordered a bacon cheeseburger with "raw" onions and the usual.  OMG----i thought i was gonna die.  i don't know if it was the combo of the onions, pepper and ketchup but whew, immediatly my lower lip went nuts.  it was nasty.  i could not eat my burger...  it's very frustrationg.


    help Cry 


  • shannyd February 16, 2010
    February 16, 2010

    i recently found out that im allergic to nus and peanuts so i looked into what food to stay away from. I read that a lot of hot sauces use ground up almonds to thicken the sauce. That may be whats causing the reaction.

  • katybird April 05, 2011
    April 05, 2011

      I'm allergic to all peppers and chillies, from the white shake stuff to the real bumburners.  If I accidentally eat anything with pepper or chillie in it, the food either comes straight up or straight through, neither result is very appealing!  Even a touch of seasoning will have my lips swelling, my throat sore, and my tongue painul.

    Research has suggested that as the plant family is te deadly nighthade - solanaceae I think - you should avoid potatoes, aubergines and tomatoes, and I've tried this but found no good or bad results so I still eat them.

    Hope this helps.

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