• blondemamba blondemamba
    September 02, 2009
    Hot sauce allergy? (ground chili pepper)?
    blondemamba blondemamba
    September 02, 2009

    Tonight I made pizza with a few drops of hot sauce, and suddenley, after taking a few bites, a small part of my bottom lip had swollen up and the skin was raised in blotches on the back of my thigh! I immediately jumped into the bath and hosed myself down with cold water. I have ezcema and mild ashthma....  but I've never had swollen lips from either of them! I put steriod cream on the back of my thigh, as that's all I could think of to do, then found and took one cetirizine tablet (from a pack that I bought for my occasional hayfever) An hour later and my swollen lip and back of thigh have gone down almost completely. So strange,.. I very very rarely have hot sauce, and I've had it twice in the past 5 days... could it be that my body has progressed to an allergic reaction????



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