Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Can Social Ties Stave Off Alzheimer's?

A new study confirms what previous research and intuition tell us: Connecting to other  people is good for your brain. In this case the research, published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed that memory declined at half the rate among... Read moreChevron

Study Shows Exercise/Brain Health Link (Again!)

Yet another study--this time a big analysis of other high-quality studies--demonstrates the link between fitness and brain health.


Three things you need to know


1. This... Read moreChevron

Depression Alzheimer's Link: Does it Matter?

Depression may--may!--lead to Alzheimer's. Or maybe depression and Alzheimer's are both triggered by the same unidentified underlying problem. Both of these possibilities arise from a new report on the links between depression and Alzheimer's in... Read moreChevron

Big Belly Linked to Alzheimer's Risk

The latest link to Alzheimer's risk is a big one: Your belly. Researchers reporting in the journal Neurology found that people who carry weight in their gut (a condition as "abdominal adiposity") have double to triple the risk of dementia... Read moreChevron

Alzheimer's Blood Test: Far, Far Away

It's always exciting when there is promising news about an incurable, deadly disease. But it's essential not to let hopes get in front of the facts. Let's look very carefully at the recent report appearing the journal Nature Medicine that suggests it may be possible to Read moreChevron