New Initiative for Teens Impacted by Alzheimer's Disease

  • Has a teenager you know witnessed the harsh realities of Alzheimer's disease? The answer is probably yes. More and more teenagers are coming face-to-face with people with Alzheimer's disease---their parents, grandparents, other loved ones, neighbors, or people they meet while doing community service. Many are even thrust into caregiving roles at this young age.


    From this group, we have heard incredible tales of courage and compassion - and a tremendous desire to learn more.


    Recognizing this, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America has an AFA Teens division just for this younger generation. And we're going all out to engage them.

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    The AFA Teens branch has a new eye-popping Web site, where they can learn about the disease, connect with other teens and get involved in the cause. We've also just announced an annual $5,000 scholarship for a college-bound student. In addition, we're asking teens to set up AFA Teens chapters in their communities.


    We hope you'll spread the word to a teen you know...For more information, visit


Published On: December 17, 2007