Kiss Your Brain: Three Ways to Preserve Your Memory

Dharma S Khalsa, MD Health Guide
  • All of us want the same thing: a healthier brain and a better memory. Plus you definitely want to prevent yourself from ever getting Alzheimer's.

    You also want to feel sharper, have more focus, enhanced clarity, and mental energy.

    I know that's what I need, too. Life moves fast and it can be tough to stay mentally together sometimes.

    But I can help.

    I have actually been reviewing a bunch of articles about optimal brain health and what I've rediscovered is very encouraging.

    While conventional scientists are still into, "We can prevent Alzheimer's with the right drug" and  as they ramble on about an amyloid removal drugs, you do not have to wait for any drug to protect and serve your noodle. I'm serious.

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    Here is what works right now:

    1. Phosphatidyl Serine or PS by itself has been shown to be essential for all cell membranes. This means that your brain will not stay young without a healthy brain cell membrane. Membranes are where very vital nutrients pass into the cell and give it nutrition. Without a healthy brain cell membrane you cannot absorb adequate nutrients and beyond that, your brain will age much faster.

    2. And then there is Ginkgo. Ginkgo is recognized by leaders in the field of integrative brain health for its neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties. It also increases your brain blood flow, which is so critically important for maximal memory function. Very encouraging research reveals that Ginko results in enhanced memory and concentration.

    3. And of course DHA, the good fat that is mandatory for saving your brain.

    But that's it. No extra and unneeded compounds that will make you feel jittery or over stimulated.

    Remember. The name of the game is regeneration; not stimulation!  Be sharp, feel sharp, and have a sharp brain.

Published On: March 13, 2012