The # 1 Secret of Brain Fitness and Longevity

Dharma S Khalsa, MD Health Guide

    Did you know that you can boost your brain power right now and prevent memory loss later?  This notion of creating a lifetime of peak mental performance is what I call "Brain Longevity."  Here in this blog we will talk about brain fitness and the latest medical research, which you can apply right now to be at your best. You can have the brain and memory of a much younger you.   You may even feel like a kid again.


    I want you to remember that there are many things that can be done to boost your brain power. And the reason is what I call the # 1 secret of brain longevity: Your brain is flesh and blood, just like the rest of your body.

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    Now, for a few of you this idea may seem mundane. But for many others it will be a revolutionary epiphany. Why? Because many people think of the brain as a mysterious computer. But your brain isn't a computer; it's a flesh and blood organ just like your heart, for example. And just as there are many scientifically proven, health-giving measures that benefit your heart, there are many ways to benefit your brain as well. Here I'd like to point out that, because your brain is flesh and blood like the rest of your body:

    • Poor nutrition hurts your brain.
    • Chronic, unbalanced stress ruins your memory
    • Lack of physical exercise ages your brain and your body.
    • Lack of stimulating mental activity accelerates brain aging.

    Science predicts that Alzheimer's disease is rapidly emerging to be an epidemic. Ten million baby boomers will develop this horrible mind-robbing illness. But when it comes time to discuss something hopeful, they draw a blank.  All they do is search for a magic bullet drug.  Well, let me tell you right here and now: the era of magic bullet drug therapy is over. When it comes to a flesh and blood organ like your brain, there never has been and never shall be one magic bullet drug.


    How you live your life today will go a long way towards determining the state of your mind and memory tomorrow.  As I will be sharing with you in future articles, you can protect and repair your brain with your lifestyle choices. Memory loss can even be reversed using what I call, The Four Pillars of Prevention, which we will discuss in my next blog.


Published On: August 22, 2008