The Four Pillars of Brain Longevity

Dharma S Khalsa, MD Health Guide
  • As we discussed last time, how you live your life today will go a long way towards determining the state of your mind and memory tomorrow. 


    Here they are:

    • Diet and supplements: The food you eat makes a big difference in your memory function. Certain high fat foods, such as grain-fed beef clog up your brain cells, while fish such as fresh frozen Alaskan salmon and some vegetables and fruit actually protect it. Moreover, there are a number of memory-specific supplemental nutrients that can make a big difference as well.
    • Stress Management: This is critically important, because, as we'll see in future articles, chronic, unbalanced stress kills brain cells in the hippocampus, your brain's memory center. The practice of regular relaxation techniques and social activity can help.
    • Exercise: The latest research clearly shows the fundamental imperative of physical, mental, and mind/body exercise in maximizing your memory. Exercise may even grow new brain cells, recent research denotes.
    • Anti-aging hormone replacement therapy. There may be a place for the artful replacement of certain hormones to help maintain not only optimal physical health, but brain health as well.

      That's what it's all about: creating ultimate cognitive vitality now and preventing memory loss later. We'll be covering a lot more of this timely subject in the coming months. Topics will include the latest immediately useful information on diet, supplements, meditation, physical and mental exercise, and much more.  It's going to be a "how to" mind-expanding experience.

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    Published On: September 29, 2008