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  • I'm quite fascinated and impressed by all the positive research coming out now about taking vitamins.  A new study reveals that vitamin takers do live longer. According to the research, just taking a multiple vitamin alone will increase your life span by as much as 5 years.


    This study was really quite interesting. Even the name of it is cool: The Sister Study. 586 women between the ages of 35 and 74 were evaluated. The researchers also looked at those little genetic markers of longer life called telomeres. Vitamin takers increased telomeres as by 5%.

    What was responsible for this very significant positive change?

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    The researchers believe that the antioxidants contained in the multivitamins were responsible for this life-extending benefit.

    Antioxidants, specifically vitamins C, E, and amazingly D, benefit telomere length by reducing the effects of stress on your cells, as well as the inflammation that comes from it.

    As you know, both of these favor the onset of most life-threatening diseases.

    Moreover, a second study revealed a striking reduction in cancer risk in those who took a multi-vitamin as well. This study found that the antioxidant effects of selenium, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene were the key
    to reduced risk of chronic disease and an early death.

    Want to know another really awesome revelation of this study?

    It showed a reduced risk of cancer for all 10 years of follow up after the end of the trials in people who took a high potency multivitamin/mineral combination.

    These studies along with many others provide incredibly strong evidence that you absolutely need to be taking a good multiple vitamin supplement.


    And add to that Vitamin D, which can help prevent and treat Alzheimer's Disease (AD), according to new research from scientists at UCLA. They found that vitamin D3, a form of vitamin D, may stimulate the immune system to rid the brain of beta amyloid, an abnormal brain protein that is believed to be a major cause of AD.

    The researchers also studied the use of vitamin D3 in conjunction with curcumin, a chemical found in the common spice turmeric. When used together, this pair also boosted the immune system and protected
    the brain against beta amyloid.

    Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiencies are becoming more and more common, in part because we are spending more time indoors and using more sunscreen. Vitamin D, which is sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin, is derived from sun exposure as well as dietary sources, including fish, eggs, and fortified milk.

    Another study revealed that all vitamin deficiencies are common in older folks, especially those who are obese or sedentary and living in northern climates. In the body, vitamin D helps keep bones healthy, improves the immune system, and reduces inflammation.

    Add these benefits to the new possibilities for preventing or treating AD and it's clear that everybody should be concerned about getting adequate vitamin D. About 20 minutes of sun exposure a day, if possible and supplementation helps.

Published On: December 17, 2009