PBS's "The McNeil Report" Features Segment, Forum on Early Onset Alzheimer's

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  • Yesterday evening, "The McNeil Report" on PBS featured a very interesting and informative segment on early onset Alzheimer's disease. The segment, which was reported by Susan Dentzer through a partnership between The McNeil Report and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, featured participants in the Early Memory Loss Forum, held in Los Angeles. A group of participants who have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's were interviewed. Several had been corporate executives; some of those who were interviewed were in their late 40s.


    I've provided links below to the transcript of the show as well as to the Insider's Forum, which offers you a chance to ask questions of some of those people interviewed. The answers to questions that are submitted will be posted on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

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    For the show's transcript:



    For the Insider's Forum (through Wednesday, Jan 16, 2008):


Published On: January 14, 2008