Adult Day Care for Alzheimer's Patients Who Sleep All Day

Jacqueline Marcell Health Guide
  • When I took care of my elderly parents (both with early Alzheimer’s Disease), I was surprised at how different their symptoms were with the same diagnosis. Mom would stay up all day and sleep fairly well at night, while dad was just the opposite–which meant I was up around-the-clock and never got enough rest.

    I tried everything to get my father up and active during the day so he’d sleep through the night. I swear, I loudly opened drapes and windows, vacuumed, turned on his TV, slammed doors, and even played the rap music he hated near his good ear–nothing. But then sure enough about midnight, he’d get up and start getting into everything, just as Mom and I were trying to get to sleep.

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    I finally turned the sundowing around when I got my parents enrolled in a local Adult Day Care program. It was so great for them (and me), that I was really sorry I hadn’t gotten them into it much sooner.

    A shuttle came to pick them up in the morning and then they were busy all day socializing and being with people trained to work with them. They had singing, dancing, bingo, crafts, exercise, current events, cooking, movies, field trips, even sometimes interaction with children and animals.

    Then the shuttle would bring them home and after a late afternoon nap, they’d be ready to get up and have a nice dinner with me and we could have some quality time. Then after a little TV, they’d both be ready for bed–and at the same time!

    I just can’t say enough about the value of Adult Day Care. I promote it with everything I do, as it isn’t used as widely as it should be. A few years ago, I was so honored when the National Adult Day Services Association thanked me publicly for all my efforts by bestowing their Media Award! Give them a call and look into it–I promise you’ll be glad you did!

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Published On: June 04, 2007