American Express Cardholder? Help Rate the Alzheimer's Project

Jacqueline Marcell Health Guide
  • Have you noticed that fun new commercial with all the celebs and Marty Scorsese directing — about The Members Project by American Express? It’s a chance for AE card members (who register) to submit or rate a project, and the winning project will receive up to $5 million to help bring the project to life!

    I was thinking about putting together an Alzheimer’s project today, when I got an alert from the Alzheimer’s Association who has already formulated a great project, been accepted by AE, and is asking for help to spread the word about it!

    So, we need your help to rate their "CURE for ALZHEIMERS" project with FIVE STARS, as the deadline is already this Sunday, June 17th! It’s a wonderful opportunity to unite behind an inspiring idea that will have a positive impact on the 26 million Alzheimer’s patients worldwide. The higher a project rates as a result of card member selections, the better the chance of winning. So please do this ASAP:

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:

    1.  With your American Express card number handy, see:

    2.  Register in The Members Project.

    3.  Enter into the Search Box at the far top right: CURE for ALZHEIMERS  01909

    4.  Rank "CURE for ALZHEIMERS" project by clicking the FIVE STARS ***** and "submit".

    5.  Please share this with everyone you can!

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Published On: June 15, 2007