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  • My dearest friend since First Grade sent a newspaper article in the mail to me today about the drugging, strangulation, murder and then burning of the body of a long-ago classmate we adored from afar for two years. In 7th and 8th grade, sometimes Linda and I and our other best friend, Kathie, liked to discreetly follow Ray around school, because he was a musician who looked just like John Lennon–round wire glasses and all. We secretly called him, "Him" - but even with all the giggling, I don’t think Him really knew we existed.

    I immediately called Linda and we shared how shocked and saddened we were to hear such a horrible story about the darling young boy we dreamed about 40 years ago, who seemed to have so much potential. Over the years we often wondered whatever happened to Him, always reminiscing and laughing about the silly young girls we used to be.
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    I looked up the article on the Internet and emailed it to some classmates I keep in touch with, some just a couple times a year. No sooner had I hit "send" than an email came in from Ken, one of the classmates I was just emailing. Ken was sending me another shocking story about yet another classmate, Melissa, the most talented actress in high school who was sweet and lovely to everyone–who had been recently killed in a horrible car crash. The timing was absolutely astounding, as Ken and I email extremely rarely, yet at the same exact moment we were sending each other the most tragic news.

    The double barrel of shock felt as if someone had slugged me in the stomach and I have experienced an even heightened awareness of how fragile life is–even though I have been well aware of that since my caregiving nightmare and own breast cancer. Then the urge to call and email a few friends to tell them I loved them was so powerful, I did, but had to stop because of tears. I have been moving slow since, a bit nauseous and numb–and yet also determined to live the rest of my life to the fullest and not waste precious time on the small stuff.

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Published On: November 10, 2006