Congress to Make Key Decision on Alzheimer's Funding -- Please Help!

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  • Congress is debating the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Resolution, which sets overall limits on how much will eventually be spent by the government on health, education, transportation and other federal programs. Later in the year, these overall limits will guide the Appropriations Committees when they make final decisions on federal spending.
    Funding for Alzheimer’s programs, including research and care programs (such as the 24/7 Alzheimer’s Call Center, the CDC Brain Health Initiative and the Alzheimer State Matching Grants Program), depends on how much Congress sets aside for health spending in the Budget Resolution. Action on this legislation is also a critical step in restoring funding for Alzheimer’s research and care programs which were cut in the President’s Fiscal Year 2008 budget proposal.

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    Over the past 4 years, funding for research has been cut and funding for Alzheimer’s care programs has stagnated, primarily because the Budget Resolution (passed in each of those years) failed to include enough money for health programs.
    Who is Making These Decisions?
    CA Rep. Campbell is on the House Budget Committee and has direct influence on Alzheimer’s research and care funding in the Budget Resolution. The Budget Committee will make funding decisions within the next few weeks.
    What Can I Do Now?    
    Call your US Representative NOW!
    Locate Your Representatives: and
    Locate your Senators: 800-247-2971;

    (And it can’t hurt for everyone to call CA Rep. Campbell too! 800-958-5374)

    What Do I Tell My Representatives?  
    * To PLEASE help by increasing funding for health services by 7.8% ($4 million) in the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Resolution, so that there is enough money to increase the budget for Alzheimer’s research at the National Institutes of Health and restore funds for Alzheimer care programs.

    *  How important Alzheimer’s research is and that it will greatly reduce future Medicare and Medicaid spending–and prevent up to 16 million Americans from getting Alzheimer’s. 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s now.

    * Your personal story and how Alzheimer’s has affected your family.

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Published On: March 27, 2007