Mother's Day: Savor the Day--Not the Decline

Jacqueline Marcell Health Guide
  • When you go see your mom for Mother’s Day and notice how much she has aged and declined since the last time you saw her (and Dad too)-be sure to focus on enjoying the time and not on what’s ahead and the inevitable.


    I remember when my elderly parents would drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles to visit me and the whole time they were there I’d be in such pain focusing on how old they were getting and dreading the hard times ahead. But then when I had to go there to take care of them, I remember being so angry with myself that I hadn’t simply enjoyed them more when they were still capable of driving 400 miles!

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    With each level of decline I noticed how sad I was and how much time I wasted longing for how they used to be. Finally it hit me what a waste of time and tears that was and that I could have gotten so much more enjoyment out of our time together.


    It makes no sense to deny that as we get older we decline–it is a universal law.  I don’t mean being in denial about the facts and putting off making appropriate plans for their older years, I mean being grateful you still have them and enjoying whatever their level of health is. I promise a much more enjoyable day!


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Published On: May 12, 2007