7 Bucket List Rules for Alzheimer’s

Christine Kennard Health Pro
  • Bucket lists, things to do before you die (before you kick the bucket), have become popular. The passage of life and time, reflections on past achievements, dissatisfaction and illness are often the catalysts for doing the things we put off or have felt too scared to do or never had the time to fulfil.  

    Here are a few basic rules that may help you compile yours.

    Rule 1

    It has to be a realistic list of achievable activities. It can still be a challenging list, but it has to have a practical emphasis. Physical attributes and disabilities have to be considered as does the level of memory impairment.

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    Leah wrote a great sharepost about travel called dementia and travel- they mix!  It gives an account of her experiences and some advice and tips. One of her top tips was don’t panic!


    Rule 2

    The list must be compiled by the person with Alzheimer’s otherwise it defeats the object. The earlier the list is compiled the better. It can be used to act as a current list and later as a reminder of what you wanted to do, a sort of living will to help guide people on future activities.


    Rule 3

    The bucket list has to be flexible. As life progresses you do change your mind about things! Also as a disease progresses your emphasis may change and may become more sedate. Rather than throwing yourself out of a plane parachute jumping, you may prefer meeting your niece in the next State or visiting your childhood home.


    Rule 4

    Your Bucket list has to be legal! A recently reported suspect in a bank robbery in Utah was dubbed the "Bucket List Bandit". In a note demanding money, the suspect had written "I have four months to live,". The FBI said he had told them he has cancer.

    No bucket list of worth should involve criminality or hurting others!


    Rule 5

    You have to consider who will help you carry out your bucket list in the future.


    Rule 6

    Bucket lists do not have to be complex or have a pre-set number of items, its all about what is important at the time.


    Rule 7

    Like all lists there is nothing stopping things being added, amended or removed.


    When Kate Granger was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she set about trying to live life to the full, recreating cherished romantic moments and childhood memories. Mine involve travel and making sure my future involves education and the arts. Yours? Well your bucket list may well be different. It does sound a really good thing to do though doesn’t it?

Published On: September 21, 2012