Monday, January 26, 2015

Carol Bradley Bursack's Posts

HealthCentral Twitter Chat Focuses on Health Costs

Most of us who have our own health issues or are caregivers to those who are ill are acutely aware of how insurance coverage can change from year to year. Just managing the yearly Medicare changes for our elders can be confusing, especially for the Medicare supplemental policies and for Medicare D, which is the... Read moreChevron

Flu Kills: Keeping Our Elders Safe

Flu isn't just an inconvenience, especially among the elderly population. For expert information on how caregivers can help their elders stay healthy and if possible avoid the flu, I reached out to Martie Moore, R.N., MAOM, CPHQ, who is Chief Nursing Officer, Medline Industries, Inc. for some... Read moreChevron

"Still Alice" Should Help Public Understand Devastation of Alzheimer's

Not all that long ago, when someone's grandma started acting a little “strange” she was considered senile. This deterioration of the brain was considered normal aging even by many doctors. As Grandma's behavior got worse, she would often be hidden away from public view to avoid embarrassing the... Read moreChevron

6 Tips To Help Modify Financial Drain on Alzheimer's Families

According to the national Alzheimer’s Association, in 2013, 15.5 million family and friends provided 17.7 billion hours of unpaid care to those with Alzheimer's and other dementias. 


Also, Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers had $9.3... Read moreChevron

Age-Related Memory Problems: Can Chocolate Be a Remedy?

Chocolate is in the news again – in a good way. A recent study concluded that people who ate a cocoa-rich diet for three months performed significantly better on memory tests than those who did not. The study was small, but according to an article from the Read moreChevron