Carol Bradley Bursack, Minding Our Elders's Posts

Aging in Place or Assisted Living: It’s About Choices

According to an AARP survey, the vast majority of boomers have stated that they want to stay in their current homes rather than move to another setting for... Read moreChevron

Granny Flats: Is the Investment a Good Idea?

Whether known as Granny flats, in-law flats or intergenerational apartments, there is a small trend in real estate toward families living together. They may be adding onto homes or even installing or building separate dwellings on their property so that their elders can live with them yet both generations have... Read moreChevron

DICE: Non-drug Approach to Alzheimer's Management

Scientists from University of Michigan Medical School and Johns Hopkins University have now concluded that drugs like antipsychotics and antidepressants are not good options for people with dementia. They favor, instead, hands-on, non-drug approaches that caregivers can use to cope with the behavioral issues that often occur in people... Read moreChevron

How To Get People With Dementia To Take Pills

Dementia care demands incredible creativity. The ever changing needs of the person who has dementia challenges family caregivers and professionals alike. One particular frustration is getting important medications into their loved ones who either can’t or won’t cooperate when it comes to taking... Read moreChevron

Aromatherapy Safe and Effective for People With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease can’t be cured. There are medications that help slow the development of symptoms for some people, but the type of care that seems to help most people with Alzheimer’s is Read moreChevron