Dementia Isn’t Stopping This Educator from Teaching

  • "Holes. They pop up everywhere. Within words I am typing. Within thoughts I am thinking. In conversations with others. While driving. And these are just the ones I am aware of."


    These words are written by L.J., one of our contributors on OurAlzheimer's. L.J. was a teacher for 34 years. She is an educated, intelligent woman who is giving far more to the world NOW than she'll ever realize. L.J. has vascular dementia and she's telling us what it's like as she experiences the disease day to day.


    My mother had dementia. She, too, tried to do as much as she could for as long as she could. However, I'll never forget the day she said, tears trickling down her cheeks, "There are so many holes in my mind." Sadness gripped me as I listened. I had no answer but to hug her.

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    Most of the time Mom acted as if she was fine, and she was a very good actress. In fact she "covered" so well that it took health professionals awhile to figure out that she had dementia. Some of her friends thought I was the one with the problem. But, like L.J., the truth was that Mom's mind had many holes.


    Every time I read L.J.'s Shareposts, I am awed by her intelligence and her courage. The value of our SharePosts from those with dementia and Alzheimer's is huge. L.J. is educating, just like she always did. Only now, her life is on the line.


    "Holes. Holes in thought. Holes in memory. Holes in spelling. Holes in direction following. Holes in reading. Holes show up everywhere. Yuck!" L.J.


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Published On: September 11, 2007