Shopping For Your Elder Can Be Easier Online

  • I was interested in finding a site that offered rolling shoppers – the type of vehicle an elder can push to use for balance, but that will also hold groceries and other things. I’ve seen some that fold quite small for storage. Several people have asked me about these, and I like to do a shopping column now and then, so people know where they can find supplies. I came across Southwest Medicals.

    Debbie Shepard, owner of Southwest Medicals, has an interesting history. She drew my eye, during my shopping research, when I saw that she is an attorney with a medical supply company. I asked Debbie about herself.
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    Debbie says works for a legal aid hotline called CARPLS, in Chicago. They take calls from low income people about a variety of legal issues, including bankruptcy, social security, employment law, landlord/tenant problems, family law, guardianship, consumer fraud, mental health issues, criminal and other issues. At one time, Debbie was a lawyer for abused and neglected kids in juvenile court.

    Debbie said she started her medical supplies business because she’d always wanted her own business, and she saw this on-line business for sale. She also wanted to work more hours, but not at something as intense as the hotline (understandable). Debbie told me that, since she works so much with seniors and disabled people at the hotline, she thought a medical supply business would be a good fit.

    “I like to think that my customer service sets my site apart. Debbie says. “I will find whatever product a customer needs, even if it is not listed on my site. I offer a full money-back guarantee and always answer questions promptly. People who contact my site are dealing directly with the owner. I consult with a physician about the products I sell. I also, occasionally, do research for customers about support groups, internet sites and other resources that may help them. I think because of my experience at the hotline, I have a good sense of the issues my customers are facing,” she says.

    Debbie told me that anyone who uses her site, from reading about it on OurAlzheimers, will get a 10% discount. I think I’m going to give it a try.
Published On: August 17, 2006