E-Book Gives Steps For Forming Senior Safety Groups

  • As promised earlier, I will continue to be on the lookout for new products, books and projects that will help us care for our elderly or ourselves. There is a great e-book available that I think many groups, and some individuals, will be interested in. It’s called the “Coalition for Senior Safety Program.”

    Many of us don’t know what to do to help vulnerable people. We wring our hands and say, “Someone should do something!” Barbara Halpern, former Director of Elderly Security Programs in Brooklyn, N.Y., and expert senior advocate, along with Barbara Mascio, who has more than 30 years of experience helping elderly and disabled people, did more than wring their hands. They combined their expertise and published “The Coalition for Senior Safety Program.” The ideas in this e-book can be used to form groups of nearly any kind that can then help vulnerable elderly and/or others in the community.
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    This is a hand-holding, step-by-step book that gives you instructions for soliciting help from established businesses, local officials, and fire and police departments. The book also talks about fundraising and bartering as a way to fund the group’s needs. It’s packed with ideas and guidance to guide you through the process. These women have done it themselves, so they know what they are talking about.

    “The Coalition for Senior Safety Program” also gives tips on educating seniors, so that they don’t fall victim to abuse and crime. A planning worksheet is included to help you structure your group or business. Halpern and Mascio give event and program ideas, as well. To top it off, “The Coalition for Senior Safety Program" offers a resource and reference section, which suggests videos, speakers, literature and other materials that can make your group or business more successful. The Web site tells more about the e-book and how to order it. It sells for $14.95.

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Published On: September 05, 2006