• As an older baby boomer, I didn't cut my teeth on this technology. But I learned what I needed to and I kept up. Now, I use the internet all day long as a news researcher. I use the internet for personal health information, for travel information, for general news. I use it to communicate with friends and colleagues.

    I use the internet to share the the knowlege I have gained through twenty years of elder care. My elder care column is accessible from the internet, so people who don't subscribe to the newspaper can still read it. My caregiving blog on www.ouralzheimers.com is accessible to whomever is interested in the topic. The Web site for my caregiving book, Minding Our Elders, is accessible to anyone interested in elder care. And I've even set up a blog through that site. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't even have known what blog meant. The internet has kept me young. I am grateful.
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Published On: September 22, 2006