Help With Life, Death and Our Spiritual Health

  • Anyone who regularly reads my work already knows that I am a huge fan of hospice and palliative care. These connections have brought to my attention the work of the Rev. Dr. Samuel Lee Oliver, the author of three books that work, in different ways, to teach us about the dying (and living) process.


    Oliver's first book, What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons on Living, is about listening to those in the process of crossing the line that separates physical life and physical death. Oliver, like all of us, needed to learn how to listen to the dying. As he developed this skill, he found there was great wisdom to be found about living, if only we learn to listen to those who are in the process of dying.

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    What the Dying Teach Us is about Oliver's learning experiences. He leaves pages for journaling and note taking. The book is used by hospice organizations, nationally. What the Dying Teach Us can be found on the publisher's site at


    Oliver's newest work, God a Logs On Living and Dying, is a book meant to help each of us be conscious of our own personal conversations with God. It's about learning to listen, as well as talk. It's about listening for spiritual direction. There are pages for journaling and text to guide us as we talk with God, on a daily basis, and patiently listen for answers.


    Chaplain Oliver developed his own listening powers well, as he sat with dying hospice patients. However, he knows that listening to patients, as valuable as it is, is different than listening to God. They take similar, yet different, skills.  Oliver's quest to understand the life and death process has led him to write poignant, thoughtful books about what he's witnessed, and what he's learned during his ministry. God a Logs is available through A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to hospice.


    Oliver's third book is a children's book titled A Fish Named Ed. Through the tale of Ed, a fish taken from his mother and his home, Oliver helps explain grief, loss and healing. Like God a Logs, A Fish Named Ed has pages for journaling. It's simply illustrated and simply told - a tale a child will revisit often. A Fish Named Ed is published by Jones Harvest publishing. You can find more about Sam Oliver and his books at


    The same site,, will lead you to Sam Oliver's network system to help those in grief and loss. Please check out this valuable Website, and these books, for information and comfort during the journey we call life. This journey will end in death for us all, as death is part of the life cycle. Most of us can gain from Sam Oliver's hard won wisdom, as we travel our own path.


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Published On: April 30, 2008