Miracle in Texas

Connie Moore Community Member
  • Hi everyone.

    I have shared many things with you and I want to share a miracle I recieved with you. My husbands alzheimers grows worse each day, he has withdrawn so much he barely leaves his room. As you all know Halloween was yeaterday this is not a holiday we normally celebrate but this year our 20 month old great grandson was dressed as a knight to go tricker treating. My wonderful granddaughter called and invited us to come over her poppy said no. She drove 40 minutes to get here and begged her Poppy to come out to dinner and go tricker treating with our great grandson, she got him to agree. We ate dinner early at the Cracker Barrel restaurant with seven of her husbands friends all young military men. Ray was quiet and didn't talk or eat much, fearing this was to much I ask him if he wanted to go home. He said no he was enjoying it and would eat later. We left and went to our Grand daughters home where she dressed her son as a little Knight he looked so cute. Ray said he would stay at the house but again my grand daughter talked him into going out to watch the kids. In the beginning he kept hanging back and wasn't joining in, I was with cammera in hand. I ask my granddaughter to let Mikhail ride in Poppy's wheelchair and she put him on his lap standing close by she started getting him to take the baby to the doors. It was as if this disease had disappearred, I saw my handsome loving husband laughing and smiling. I worried when one child came up and ask why he had no legs but he just smiled and told the child they got very sick and the doctors had to take them away. The parent apologized but my darling husband smiled and told them it was Ok he was use to it and it didn't bother him to explain. We left after one hour of tricker treating and started the drive home. We talked as if this disease didn't exist, the only hard part was he told me on the way home that he was going to die from the congestive heart failure he feared soon. He told me the pain is growing worse and it is getting harder to breathe even though he uses oxygen. I will treasure the memory of yesterday for years to come, I had then man I married back for those few brief hours. We laughed we smiled and it truly was a wonderful day. I look hard now for those shared moments and treasure each one. I am still smiling as I write this for these moments are so few, I pray everyone reading this will see it as the miracle it is for allowing us the time with this wonderful man that life is taking so much from. I also learned a lesson yesterday, just when you think your loved one with this disease won't come back to you there are these rare glimpses of the one you have loved and still love so much. Happy and smiling in Texas ConnieSmile

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Published On: November 01, 2008
  • Sandy
    Nov. 02, 2008

    A wonderful treasured memory indeed!

    Another blessing.


    I feel your smile.


    Bless you,