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  • Yesterday, my neurologist prescribed Aricept for me.  My sister said, "Well, they added one, did they take away any other medication?"  My answer was "No" with a sigh.  You see, my sister knows that I take a tremendous amount of medicines and that it is very hard for me to take it all.  I have made a special calendar where each day has indicators to show whether I've taken my AM pills, my PM pills, my long-acting insulin and my three short-acting insulins.  In addition, each day has places for me to put down my glucose counts...This is all well and good, if I remember to take the stuff AND mark it off on the calendar!  I do have days better than others, but rarely do I remember to do it all.  My husband tries to help me remember; that works when HE remembers to remind me.

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    I had to confess some of my difficulties to my neurologist:  I could not remember the name of my nephew the other day after church.  I am trying to teach myself how to knit and crochet through the use of books--trying to keep the brain smart, you know--however, my attention span is so short that attending to task for any amount of time is difficult.  My husband and I get ready to go out to run errands, and, by the time we get into the car, I can't remember where we are going...  Typing and spelling can be very hard; I have to go back and correct mistakes constantly.  It takes me longer to write/type and when I read what I have written, it is often disjointed...  All these things frustrate me as I used to have a very high IQ and taught school for 34 years...THe doctor thinks this conditiion is caused by my diabetes.  My brain has lots of little white spots all over it where it has died.  I just don't understand it...I have four brothers who have diabetes and none of them have this kind of problelm--and they don't take real good care of themselves...  It's a mystery to me.


Published On: July 10, 2007