Away From Her

Leah Health Guide
  • Dorian Martin's latest SharePost has hit a nerve with me.  And filled me with great dread about the future.  I recognize myself in the main character of the movie, just by what Dorian has described.  I have an awful disjointed time when I try to talk with others.  I often have to stop and search for the word or words...luckily, my husband waits until I have found what I am trying to say or will help once I've asked for it.  Just this evening, while he and I visited with my best friend from high school, I was trying to come up with the name "River Dance" and all I could do was stammer...and start stamping my feet all around, saying "You know...the people who do this on stage..."  I often feel like I am playing Charades!  I hope that if my condition gets bad that I do not realize that I am lonely when and if I have few visitors.  I never ever had any idea life would be like this for me.
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Published On: July 12, 2007