Living with Dementia: Finding My Sense of Humor (About Myself)

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  • Have you ever seen an older woman who has drawn on her eye brows where she believes they should be? Were they half way up her forehead? Or so thinly drawn that it looked like someone should have signed his/her name on them...fill in the blank eye brows?


    I'm sure at some time or other, I made derogatory remarks about the various geriatric eye brows I've seen. Now I know the truth behind the eye brows. In my ignorance, I blamed poor eye sight for the wayward eye brows. And, yes, that is probably much of the problem...but now that I have "grown up and old", I have discovered that poor eye sight is not the only reason for eye brows gone wild. The other day, I began to put on make up-an unusual activity for me during these horribly hot summers-and it looked like I had lost the whole middle of one of my brows! Upon closer inspection-and using a 10x mirror-I found pure white, fine hairs hiding along the brow! So, now I know that one's hair may turn so pale that finding the brow can be difficult. Never again will I make fun of run-away brows on an elderly woman-I am THERE now...So, please, excuse my attempts to find my's not the dementia. It's old age!

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    Dementia does rear its ugly head elsewhere in my life. My short term memory seems to be getting very spotty now. People have to remind me of things I did. My husband talks to me about our cruises of the past five years. He is resigned to describing to me what I did, where we went, what the beach was like. I use pictures to help bring back memories. Yet, the memories are all unique and none help to make the cruise "flow" together. There is no sequence of events in my mind. It feels very strange not to remember... almost like NOT being there at all. And yet, I see the pictures, and I look mighty happy.


    Taking pictures is the thing to do. Document, document, document...write captions...keep a diary... All these things help to keep alive-even if just for a little while-the happiness and excitement of past trips and events.


    This particular blog is shorter than normal. I am tired. We've started renovating our cottage in Northern Neck, Virginia. I am using saws and nail guns. I am measuring and cutting wall board. It's all great fun for me as my father never let me touch his tools-said I was a girl (that's the 50's attitude for you!). But it all tires me out. I get easily distracted and have to change my job frequently. I will write more about this is the future, I am sure. In the meantime...has anyone seen my eye brow? I think I lost another one!!! LOL


Published On: July 23, 2010