Family Stresses Can Affect Memory

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  • Funny, things seem to be going about the same...and, yet, life seems to be "fuzzier" now. Health wise, I am trying, with the help of my new endocrinologist, to get my blood sugars under control. I haven't lost any weight with the Victoza I'm taking-but, the Halloween candy probably didn't help! I'm been battling eczema for over a year, but my recent visit to a skin doctor should help there. But, even with all this, I seem to have more moments of not remembering. And I don't like it! Can I give examples? I wish I could, but I can't remember! LOL And that is what I am complaining about-my memory!

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    Not only is my memory getting spottier, but so is my desire to write about it. What happened to my love of writing? Am I just in a slump and it will come back? I'm hoping that my mind is being affected by other moving in six months. I certainly hope that my problem lies in stress. THAT I can learn to handle. I have been terribly busy the past couple of months with leading the family reunion event, writing new classes for my Strengthening Your Mind sessions down at the Senior Center, and dealing with the elderly lady I watch over. I think writing the newsletter for the family reunion might have been the impetus which drove me over the edge...or is it my relatively new interpersonal relationship problems with my only child? Both, I think. Thankfully, the newsletter is finished and distributed-and, I have found a wonderful cousin to take it over. So, THAT part is complete. And, I don't know what to do or say about my daughter. I don't know why she won't communicate with me...why she seems to have cut me out of her life. Come to think about it, maybe THIS is what is causing the interference in my memory...if so, it's something I will have to learn to live with.

    I'm sad about the loss of our relationship; it happened overnight. I have no idea why; she just wanted her own space. (She lives over a hundred miles'd think that was enough space all unto itself!) I need to not fixate on it. I need to move on, to make new friends, to try new adventures, to make my life as complete as I can. But, as many of my readers may know, it's easier said than done.

    Thank you, dear readers. You may have helped me solve my mystery about my diminished memory. The stress of losing the closeness I once had with my daughter is probably the reason behind my spotty memory losses. I will work on it, dear friends.



Published On: November 16, 2010