Neuropathy Sleep Issues with Dementia

Leah Health Guide
  • Like a thief in the night, neuropathy reared its ugy head once again, robbing me of sleep.  Lying in bed, electrical currents seemed to be surging through my legs from my knees down.  My knees throbbed.  And to break the monotony, every once in a while, there would be a stabbing pain as though my leg was being pierced with a knife.  I moved my legs and it would subside for a moment.  Problem is, I have to keep moving my legs...I toss.  I turn.  I wait, thinking that, maybe this time, it will stop.  It doesn't.  Medication has been a tremendous help up until now.  i suppose that I will have to request it to be increased.  I hate doing that.  I hate needing chemicals to feel normal...But, worse than that, I hate being robbed of my sleep by this nocturnal pain.  That's why I am writing now.  I could be watching TV or having a cup of tea.  Instead, I figured that by writing about the pain, I might be able to release some of the angst I had developed over the past couple of hours as I tried to sneak around the pain to fall asleep.

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    It's funny...I think back to my childhood.  I see myself then so full of movement, free of pain, free of even the slightest thought of pain.  Climbing trees.  Marching miles down the street in parades.  Jumping into the air.  Squatting on the ground...all without pain.  And never with the slightest thought that I should be enjoying that freedom then because it wouldn't last.  No, as all children, I had no idea...couldn't even fathom what I am going through now, forty years later.  Maybe it didn't need to have happened.  Perhaps had I taken better care of myself, loved myself more, maybe life would be different now. Had I not taught, but chosen a less stressful job.  Had I dieted more...and succeeded.  Had I loved myself enough to exercise more...

    It does no good to lecture myself now.  It's two o'clock in the morning and I don't feel like listening to it anyway!  Best to get on gettin' on...And so I write.  And I do feel better...

Published On: September 13, 2007