Living with Dementia: Making the Best of It

Leah Health Guide
  • March was a rough month! My husband has retired, and my "quiet, alone" world has changed drastically. At first, it was hard having someone around all the time. I've gotten over that part. Unfortunately, my husband is just into retirement so the grindstone schedule is still apparent. He wants to get up early, go to bed early-just as if he was working. Used to being busy all day, he comes up with one project after another-for US to do. I find it difficult to fit in the things I need to do, like the financial handling of my elderly friend's affairs or working on my Strengthening Your Mind classes, etc. This part has been draining on me.

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    Having dementia, I have difficulty with change. I need downtime; I've been retired for six years...I am long over the rugged grind that a job expects. We're working on getting used to this time together.


    In addition to that, we are preparing to move to our cottage. That, too, has thrown a monkey wrench into my life. I look forward to the move-just not what it takes to make the move. Besides my dementia, I am working with a bum neck and foot. For the past week, I've been mainly "on-bed". Today is the first day that I've been able to hold my head up without severe pain. I am going for Physical Therapy and doing the exercises prescribed at home; the anti-inflammatory medication may be helping as well. As for my foot, I've had an MRI and have an appointment with the orthopedist to find out what it is and how we will deal with it. Sooo, no wonder, with all this on my mind, I am seeing changes in my mental condition.


    I don't know if the change I am going to relay next is caused by the stresses I am dealing with now or if my dementia is moving on to another and new phase. On repeated occasions recently, I have awakened abruptly, not long after falling asleep. I wake myself up saying loudly and frantically, "I'm not taking all my medicine! I'm forgetting two of them! I need to find them!" My husband first, he would go over my entire medication list with me to assure me I was not missing anything. Now, he tells me I am okay and that I am not missing any medicine and to go back to sleep. I'm finally getting to the point that I can settle back down to sleep pretty quickly, knowing that this is a re-occurrence and nothing to worry about. I suppose I should contact my neurologist. If it happens one more time, I just might make that call...


    And so, another saga in the life of someone with dementia. I must tell you though, I wouldn't change a moment of it. It makes me who I am. I am where I ought to be. And, I'm making the best of it all!


Published On: April 04, 2011