A Moving Experience With Dementia

Leah Health Guide
  • It seems like it has been a very long time since I wrote to you about my dementia. So much has happened during that time to prevent me from writing, giving me writer's block. My husband and I have made our move to the rural Northern Neck of Virginia. We have downsized drastically from a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home to one with two bedrooms and one bath. We've had to rent three store rooms to hold the excess furniture and household items which we will need when we find our next house. What an experience! It's hard enough when your mind and body are in good shape. However, I've learned to accommodate my disability along the way.

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    First lesson, delegate whatever you can! This should help to get some of the burden off your brain. I let Bill take charge, which was a conscious decision. In the past, I have been the "take charge" person; vascular dementia has robbed me of that ability. I used to fret about that, but no longer. I accept what cannot be changed...


    Second, mark all boxes well on top and on at least one side. Don't just write the room or location it goes to. List some of the most important items, too. This will save you from having to dig through box after box to find what you want. I found that I had to make the list AS I put items in; if not, once the box was taped shut, I had NO idea what was in it-even though I had just loaded it!

    Third, keep your calendar current and check it often. My problem was that I kept my calendar pretty current and FORGOT to look at it. I finally began to make a conscious effort to check it each morning. Then, I would tell my husband what was scheduled, and he kept me on time for things. The main problem I ran into was when I missed the bridal shower for my nephew. I knew about it, had talked about it, had confirmed I'd be there-and then BAM! My daughter-in-law came to visit with her children and the shower went right out of my head. I can only think laterally...I can only remember laterally. If anything breaks that line of thought or memory-it's gone right out of my head. Actually, I never remembered the shower on that afternoon until my brother asked me-as I was swimming in the pool with my grandchildren-"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere now?" I answered "No. Not that I know of." Then he told me that the shower had started a half hour ago. THEN, I remembered that there was a shower I was supposed to attend. But my reaction: "Oh, darn! Oh well, too late NOW!" And I kept playing in the pool. I don't know whether it is medication or the dementia which doesn't usually allow me to get upset over such things...


    Enough said for now. I will write again as I am able. God bless you all !

Published On: June 02, 2011