That Ol’ Demon, Dementia, Rears Its Ugly Head

Leah Health Guide
  • OMG!!!! I got lost in a department store!!!!

  wasn't quite THAT dramatic, but it did happen. Let me explain.


    My husband and I were "back in town"-that is, we were back in our old hometown, the one we had left a month ago. It was to be a busy day. First thing, my husband had a biopsy at the local hospital. Following a couple of hours of rest, we headed to lunch, stopping off first at Macy's, a big name department store, where I was heading for one thing-new undies. My husband, wanting to be spared the standing around while I shopped, opted to go to another area where seating was available. He made sure to tell me where he was going and indicated, using his hands. He checked my understanding before we separated.

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    Before I go on any further, I need to tell you my physical condition at the time. Due to extreme heat conditions (101 degrees), I was literally having a meltdown. The sweat was rolling-even in the air conditioning. To top that off, my feet hurt. I was due to get a shot of cortisone in each foot later that afternoon. To put it mildly, I was miserable from head to toe. In spite of this, I pushed on.


    I was successful in my quest and soon on my way to meet Bill. I walked to the area where I thought my husband would be. I must have been wrong. I walked around the floor looking for him. No luck. I was wearing down quickly. What I really wanted to do was sit in the floor and cry. I hurt. I could barely walk. I was drenched with sweat...
    WHERE was he? I couldn't even find the opening to the Mall...everything was too visually confusing...

    And then I thought about my phone. Digging around in my purse-for, like most of you, my phone usually falls to the very bottom-I was able to find it and phone Bill. By this time, I knew I needed to be able to tell him where I was in the store, so I moved toward the escalator. It wasn't but a minute before he located me. (Note: Bill wants me to tell you, at this point, that I had NOT told him how I was feeling or he would have never left me-or he would have found somewhere closer to sit.)


    I have learned a few things from this episode. First, I need to ask for Bill's help and support more-to keep him better informed of how I am feeling. Second, put off going to a large store unless I am feeling well. Third, I learned that I am still able to think well enough and be calm enough to work through an emergency.

    And so, my dementia does rear its ugly head from time to time. It never leaves; it's always in the background. It lurks around until there is an opening...and then it creeps out - and slaps me right across my face!!

Published On: July 25, 2011