Keeping A Positive Outlook Despite Dementia

Leah Health Guide
  • With the new year, I have begun to make changes in my life. I decided to have my first dinner party in years. Of course, I had to do things a lot differently than I did in the past. I used to throw family sized dinner parties-twenty people sometimes. I have had to pare down my list since my capabilities are more limited.


    This is one of those times that one can see the cup as either "half empty" or "half full". I choose to view my cup as half full: to see myself as someone capable of doing some things, rather than "not capable of doing anything". I can plan and execute a simple dinner with a simple menu. I can buy flowers for the table. I can entertain four people. I can. I can. I can. Who cares what I can't do when I can still do much?

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    I had to plan the dinner so that all preparations were done earlier in the day. The main dish was a beef brisket done in the crock pot. It was served with just the broth in which it cooked. Lipton onion soup and oven baked potatoes were prepared with few directions involved. A tossed salad was easily put together and ready when dinner began. Dessert was provided by a guest. Though the menu was sparse, the servings were plentiful. Everyone ate heartily and were generous with their compliments.


    My dinner party was a hit. I was able to enjoy the company of my guests the whole time. I know that I need the simplicity I mentioned above in order to have a dinner party anymore. I am not able to handle commotion and still get dinner. I cannot cook while I have guests talking. My time in the kitchen needs to be totally free of distraction in order for me to try to follow simple written recipes and directions. I need to be able to talk my way through them without anyone around to disturb me. I need time to prepare myself before my guests come, to shower, lie down for a while, and regroup.


    It didn't use to be this way. But who cares? My mantra is "I can. I can. I can". And that's all that matters!

Published On: February 04, 2008