New Study on Memory- Best I've Seen

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  • What's better than a sale at Walmart? I'll tell you-a well done research project on learning and memory which has promising results for diabetics!


    Having vascular dementia, I am forever struggling with my short term memory. I am also diabetic, which doesn't help. So, when I found this research report, I was elated. There is hope for diabetics and dementia. It may not occur in my lifetime, but at least the National Institute on Aging is on the right path.


    Nature Neuroscience, Feb. 17, 2008, reported on a study performed by the National Institute on Aging. The researchers tested the cognitive abilities and examined the brain tissue in animal models of rats with Type 1 diabetes and mice with Type 2 diabetes. They discovered that elevated cortisol levels caused learning and memory deficits in both models. When the cortisol levels (low due to impaired elasticity and declining new cell growth) were restored to normal levels, learning and memory was restored. Mention was made that these findings may help explain the connection between diabetes and stress related mood disorders found in humans.

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    "This research in animal models is intriguing, suggesting the possibility of novel approaches in preventing and treating cognitive impairment by maintaining normal levels of glucocorticoid," said Richard J. Hodes, M.D., NIA director.


    With additional understanding of the changes, physiologically speaking, which are caused by the excessive production of cortisol, we may finally be able to prevent and/or treat cognitive decline in diabetics.


    Wow! This study deserves further study by me. Going through these reports is not an easy task. I have to read and read, break it down into little parts, put it away, come back to it. Read and reread, etc. until I can make sense of what I am reading. (I was a teacher for 34 years and did lots of research-it was NEVER this hard. But I won't give up trying until it is impossible for me to do!) So, I have to stop now...gotta do some more research...




Published On: February 27, 2008