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  • I just found a new hero.  His name is not a household word, but arguably should be.  His name is Robert H. Goddard.  He is one of the fathers of modern rocketry.  He is my hero because he never gave up, despite early childhood illness.  Despite being two years behind in school.  Despite being ridiculed for his ideas.  Despite it all, he never stopped reading, dreaming, journaling.  Feeling down?  Read about Mr. Goddard and possibly all the stresses in your life will be put into a better perspective.


                “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.”  Robert H. Goddard  1892-1945

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    This is the beginning of my second year as a blogger for  My readers have traveled the path of dementia with me through my highs and lows.  During this past year I have searched for a better way to remember to eat breakfast and lunch and to take my meds and insulin shots.  A brother and a nephew have been calling me twice a day for months to remind me to eat and take my insulin shots, and though I so totally appreciate their calls, I hate to bother them.  With that in mind, I searched the internet to find an alarm watch.  My last blog was written describing a new (Cadex) pendant watch  I had found on the internet and received through the mail.   This may be a good solution to either the person suffering with short term memory loss or for caregivers who need to remember to administer a assortment of different medications at different times.


    On the plus side:

    ·         the face of the watch is large enough to read easily. 

    ·         the watch itself was easy to set.  The directions were, as I said in the last blog, simple to follow.  I was able to set four alarms (there are 8 more left to use) so that I take my shots on time. 

    ·         This pendant watch affords me the ability to follow a schedule more closely.  I eat at 9 AM, 1 PM, and 6 PM.  My watch is set to go off at those times.  Once it goes off, I press a button once which puts it into the reminder mode.  Every three minutes, it will give me a short reminder set of beeps.   Once I have eaten and taken my shot, I press the button again.  This puts it into the time keeping mode until the next alarm.  I love the ease of use.  And, I would never have believed it, but I am enjoying the schedule I have set for myself.  Since I got the pendant watch, I have not missed a meal or a shot!

    ·         The name of the insulin (or medication) can be seen when the alarm goes off and remains there until the insulin has been taken and the alarm turned off.  I was able to program this information during the time I programmed the alarm times.  No longer do I confuse the two insulins I take! This has eased my mind a great deal.

    ·         My new Cadex pendant watch is quite light.  I am very sensitive to weight around my neck.  The black lanyard type ribbon does not irritate my neck. 


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    As much as I laud this new watch, I must confess something.  Though it beeps the first warning, I seem to be able to overlook it when I am distracted.  Yesterday, my family and I were sitting in an quiet restaurant.  I was busy looking at the menu, when my husband nudged me. 

    “What?” I asked. 

    “Your watch,” my husband answered.  (Husbands and wives seem to be able to talk in spurts and still understand one another…) I sat there a moment trying to understand what he was saying.  “You’re beeping,” he said.

     “I am?” I replied and then I listened.  And, yes, I was audibly beeping and I hadn’t paid any attention to it.  It wasn’t the first time.  The same thing happened in another restaurant the day before when I was having breakfast with two “girl” friends.  I heard something.

    “What’s that beeping?” I asked looking around. 

    “It’s YOU!” replied Dee. 

    Oops…(I had forgotten I had an alarm pendant!!)


    There doesn’t seem to be a way to make the alarm louder which is probably a good thing.  There are other watches on the market which vibrate; others do both!  If you are in need of something like this to aid you with your daily routine, I suggest you do a GOOGLE search for “medication alarm watch” or something similar.  Investigate.  There’s lots out there to choose from.  Be sure to use a reputable site.


    In closing, the Cadex watch has become my best friend.  AND, Robert Goddard has become my new hero.  I think I’ll read more about him and others for inspiration… After all, having dementia can be pretty depressing some days!  God bless all my friends and readers out there.  Hang in there.  Each sunrise promises rays of hope!


Published On: July 22, 2008