My Dementia Muse: Age Not Necessarily a Worry in Upcoming Presidential Election

Leah Health Guide
  • The upcoming election has me fascinated, yet frustrated, and I feel that I am not alone. The latest shuffle between the two men is a set of ads each referring to the other as “the most famous” and going on to blacken that image.  Personally, I detest that type of hype.  Here we have two gentlemen running for President who are so different on so many levels.  I have been ruminating upon one of the true issues: age.


    Please let me tell you right up front that what I am about to say is my opinion only and does not, in any way, reflect any leanings by  And, I will tell you that I am not a scholar of democracy and government.  I am not opening myself up to a debate.  I am not at all interested in doing that. Having vascular dementia, I can relate to problems of dementia—a condition that possibly could happen to either man!  I need to go further than dementia, though, and look strictly at the age issue.

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    I am favoring Senator McCain for President of the United States.  His history and experience far surpass that of Senator Obama.  His age being almost 72 did concern me a little.  So, I researched the average ages of our past presidents.  Overall, I found that our Presidents when inaugurated were 55 years old on average.  Knowing that we have had great advancements in health and medicine, I recalculated the average ages of only the men who became Presidents during MY lifetime, and that came to 57 years of age.  An increase of two years overall doesn’t seem like much and has added little more than just superfluous information.  Finally, I averaged the amount of years that these past Presidents lived (only the ones during my lifetime).  I did not include John Kennedy in this average as his life was taken by assassination, not natural reasons.  I found that those men who were President during my lifetime lived to an average of 82.4 years of age.  John McCain will be 72 years old on August 29th, seventeen years older than the overall average age of our past Presidents AND only 12 years younger than the average age of the death ages of the Presidents during my lifetime.  Given his excellent health history (minor the clashes with skin cancer), there doesn’t appear to be any looming health issues.  Considering that he was mentally, intellectually, and physically healthy enough to withstand his years as a Prisoner of War, I do not worry about any of his capabilities.  He’s married…that helps one live longer, according to studies.  With all this in mind, even considering his age, I am still leaning toward Senator McCain for President. 

    I’ll probably revisit the subject of the impending Presidential election in the future just to keep a journal of my thoughts.  


    A note to caregivers: If possible, please ask your charges about the election, too.  Let them talk about past elections they remember.  Read to them from the newspaper or provide them with short articles from a newspaper, magazine, or online information.  Encourage them to make a decision—even if they are not able to vote!

  • Let them know that their opinion is important to you.  Consider what they say…listen carefully for their wisdom may be far more vast than yours—even now!

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Published On: August 12, 2008