Vascular Dementia Benefits (Tounge-in-Cheek Humor)

Leah Health Guide
  • Having vascular dementia is no piece of cake, but it does have its benefits.


    One, I have a new wardrobe every day...though I don't always like the wardrobe I see in front of me!


    Two, I enjoy using my dishwasher.  Rather, I enjoy emptying it.  Yesterday, I opened it up and, to my delight, I found a large white platter and large white bowl that I did not remember I had...or that I had used!  Once I finished reveling in the "new find", I had to figure out where it went.  I tried the shelf with my other platters, and that area was too small.  Finally I found a shelf where I could safely store the platter and still had to figure out where to put the large white bowl.  I decided to put it on top of the big white platter and get on with other chores.  I hope I remember where it is next time it needs to be used...

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    Three, I am communicating on a daily basis with a brother and nephew.  Between them AND my watch, I am maintaining a better schedule for taking my insulin shots.  Besides the benefit of improvement in taking meds, I get to keep in touch with these wonderful two men.


    Four, dementia has made me aware of the importance of  exercising my mind which, in turn, has guided me toward a new "career" of teaching adults to exercise their minds, too.


    Five, I don't get tired of reruns on TV.


    Six, I've learned to not worry about things.


    Seven, I can (sometimes) cover up something like carrot cake with a dish towel or hide the cookies in the cupboard and not remember they are I said, sometimes.


    Eight, I push myself to stay as alert as I can.  I use little techniques to improve my short term memory, mnemonic devices to allow me remember names, numbers...sometimes, they even help!


    Nine, I'm thankful my dementia is vascular, which means its progress is much slower than other forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer's... (still, I am having difficulty balancing my sugar levels, so staying "healthy" is not coming easily!)


    There is a down side.  Among them are:


    I forget what I have in my wardrobe and order things online which I don't really need...

    (that's probably a problem for many people without dementia, too)


    I forget my dog and leave her outside longer than usual during the day...

    (this probably doesn't hurt her as much as it does me)


    I forget to eat, to take something out for dinner, to start dinner...

    (You'd think I'd lose weight!)


    I forget to take meds, as I've written about in the past...

    (duh, how much more help can I get!?!)


    I forget to run errands, make phone calls, etc...

    (sometimes this must get to be monotonous to my husband)


    Others look at me warily at times.  They wonder how much I capable of doing.  They worry that I will forget appointments (like meeting for breakfast or  picking someone up after an appointment)...(I hate being second-guessed, but some degree of that is probably necessary) 


    I'm sure I have forgotten things I should have written about or included in my lists...these ideas often come to me during the night and I forget most of them by the time morning dawns. 


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    All kidding aside, I am thankful for the opportunity to write this blog.  It allows me to write about my life with vascular dementia. Thank you, Health Central.  Thank you, my dear readers!

Published On: August 18, 2008