The Old Year Leaves Problems

Leah Health Guide
  • Since we are only two days into 09, I’d like to wish all my readers a healthy, happy New Year.  May 2009 be a better year than 2008!


    I’m sorry not to have gotten a blog out last week.  I am battling a few setbacks.  I’ve gone back to wearing glasses after being glasses-free since Lasik surgery almost ten years ago.  Unfortunately, Lasik is a godsend for most, but my nearsightedness was too bad.  While it did help the front of my eye, it did nothing for the elongated shape of the eyes which was causing the poor vision in the first place.  Okay…I have no problem wearing the new glasses; they’re about an inch or two thinner than what I once wore, and they are quite stylish.  HOWEVER, my eye problems have not gone away; I am developing Macular Degeneration…not age related or Diabetes related, but just plain “my eyes are too long” related.  Nothing can be done; it’s just…wait for it to happen.  There is some promising news, though.  By taking some special vitamins chock full of antioxidants, I might be able to stave off the condition for a while.

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    The second setback I’ve had is increased depression.  I know that depression often occurs along with dementia, and I have been taking Cymbalta to help it.  However, very little is giving me true joy right now, and I’m wanting to just stay in bed—I DO fight that, though, and I get up everyday… But I have to admit that I haven’t opened up the Christmas cards we received yet, nor did I send any.  I forced myself to get most of the Christmas gifts wrapped.  I did make a nice dinner for the family the Sunday before Christmas but had to hire help to get the last minute preparations done and food put on the table.  My doctor wants to put me on an additional depression medication but can’t do that until we get my third problem under control.


    My third setback is a battle with an infection that I have been battling for over a year.  It seems I have a staph infection within my blood stream which is causing continuous productions of sores.  Now, I don’t like to talk about this, but I must.  I feel that everyone is grossed out when they look at me—which probably doesn’t help my self esteem or depression.  I have a sore on the top of each hand, one on my arm, one right on my chin, three on my leg, and several on my scalp.  I’m on like the fourth antibiotic, this time for three weeks.  My doctor thinks it may be a form of MRSA (I think that’s how you spell that antiobiotic resistant staph infection).  He didn’t want to put me on an antibiotic and more depression medication because it would be too difficult to tell what the culprit was if I had a side effect…  I’ve been on the antibiotic for almost a week and a half and my sores have not gone away…so it’s not looking good.  My doctor also thinks I may feel better and the depression may lessen if I can get the infection under control.


    So, dear reader, with all of this going on, I forgot to tell you the good news—I have a new kitten!  With all of this on my mind, I haven’t been able to write before now.  The kitten has brought some joy into my life; she is nine weeks old, a black and white “tuxedo” cat.  All two pounds of her races up and down throughout the house;  she must think she weighs twenty pounds the way  she charges our older cat and our teenage poodle.  I seem to be able to remember to feed her where I don’t remember to take my own meds!  Now, does THAT make sense?


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    Now that we are in the New Year, it is easy to leave 2008 with many hopeful thoughts for 2009.  Even so, I have to force myself right now to look at the upsides of my life.  I do hope that my mental state will improve soon…life is such a downer right now.  I do hope my current state of mind is temporary and not an indication that my dementia is worsening.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  May God bless you all!

Published On: January 02, 2009