It’s a Puzzlement!

Leah Health Guide
  • This post is a hard one for me.  I am really opening myself up, exposing a very private “secret”.  I may be making more of it than need be.  You be the judge.


    I am a little worried about my mind…about losing it, that is.  Lately, it has been playing a little trick on me.  Hmmm, how do I explain what is happening?


    One day, I was doing something, I don’t remember the first time it happened.  I can just remember the effect.  I saw a woman either on TV or in a magazine—or maybe in real life.  That part’s not important.  What happened next is!  Mentally, I switched from looking at her as another fellow human being to looking at her from the eyes of an alien, as though I were from another world and had come across some strange creature here on planet Earth.  Suddenly, the woman looked strange to me, I looked at her as though I were examining a bug on a Petri dish.  The following are my mental notes, at least the ones I can remember: 

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    A ball shape on top.  Something pointed sticking out from it.  What does it use that for?  And the ball is sitting on top of a thin part... I wonder how it holds it up?  Two long thin things hang from either side.  They move independently—up, down…  (Another time, I noticed this)  It moves on two thin poles.  How does it keep its balance? (I remember watching her in total fascination.  It was fleeting, but felt very real.)


    This form of observation didn’t last long.  I came out of it.  It reminded me of that activity one does when one looks at a picture of  a vase and works to also see the outline of faces on either side of it.  Of course, that is a visual activity whereas what I have gone through in this transformation is a mental one—I think!?


    I’ve always had a wild imagination, but this takes the cake.  I worry that my mind may be losing its grip. 

    Has anyone, with dementia who is reading this, had anything like this happen to them?  Caregivers, did your loved one show any signs of this? 

    Doctors, what should I do?  Have I had more mini-strokes?  Should I see my neurologist?


    I’m cutting this post short.  This subject is very important to me; it has caused me some concern. Can anyone out there give me any insight?

Published On: January 29, 2009